Ondra Brém

Currently studying human-computer interaction at Aalto and KTH. Always looking for inspiration in great design and striving to design and build a world made for all people. Pushing towards a better and more exciting future keeps me going.

Looking forward to design the future together.

Projects I enjoyed working on

These are projects that I enjoyed the most working on, learned the most from and am happy to talk about more :).

Unihack student hackathon - unihack.cz
Dialogue island - letting people codesign their cities
Ideation with Espoo libraries

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Free shipping
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I worked for


At Faculty of Information technology I helped establish and then run Usability lab, where we tesded student and comercial apps. Later on I helped with UX and service design of several internal projects.


I designed and built in Webflow a website for an online hackathon that Qminers coorganized this fall.


During my studies in Prague I worked in a multimedia lab where I was part of a photogrametry project of historical artefacts and a project where we explored human interaction with large scale displays via gestures.

Do you want to work with me?

Feel free to shoot me an email.

I learned what I know here

Learning is never ending process for me and bellow are places where I have spent the most time learning new things. Additionally I love visiting good conferences and enjoyed few summer schools and an Erasmus semester at Tallin Technical university.


At FIT in Prague I have learned about software engineering, basics of multimedia technologies and found my passion for human centered design.

Aalto University

During my year at Aalto, which is part of a double degree, I learned a lot by trying out different techniques and by working on real life HCD projects.

KTH Stockholm

In Stockholm I am currently finishing my double degree. I looked into multimodal interactions and physical interactions during the last semester there.


I learned a lot about the tools I use from other creatives through their videos or through tutorials on YouTube. It gave me the practical insights from people who do what they talk about.

Want to know me better?

I post about what I am passionate about online from time to time.

When traveling was still a thing I wrote a blog about that as well.